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Metabloxx - Ether Bunny NFT Project

MetaBloxx Announces Release of NFT Project – Ether Bunny

MetaBloxx Inc.




MetaBloxx Inc. Announces Release of NFT Project – Ether Bunny
Ether Bunny NFTs will have Two (2) Tribes of 10,000 NFTs Each on the Ethereum Blockchain

Austin, TX:  Today, Austin based technology company MetaBloxx Inc. announced the forthcoming release of ETHER BUNNY, an NFT collection to be launched on the Ethereum blockchain this spring.  Ether Bunny NFTs will be divided into two (2) tribes of 10,000 NFTs each. The first tribe, the WILD HARES will be released in April 2022, and the second tribe the BUNNY KINGS released later in the summer.

Ether Bunny NFTs will be part of a larger 2D game entitled Bunny Wars as well as a newly slated virtual reality game (VR) BUNNY WARS, which will take place at various locations in the Metaverse. Ether Bunny NFT holders will be entitled to exclusive access to a “virtual” clubhouse built in the Metaverse which allow entrance to the Bunny Wars and private personal spaces known as Rabbit Holes. Both the Bunny Wars 2D game and Bunny Wars VR game will be a Play2Earn platforms using the native token CARATS.

Ether Bunny is not just fun and games… these rabbits are on a mission. Angered by the continued loss of wildlife habitats and natural resources, the bunnies have rebelled. Taking up arms against the brutal onslaught of deforestation and wild game poachers… the bunnies, rabbits, and hares are aligning with nonprofit organizations around the world that are involved in Wildlife preservation and restoration. A portion of all proceeds from Ether Bunny NFT sales, merchandise and “in-game” revenues are donated to charities that are vetted and chosen to be part of the Ether Bunny world.

“We’ve been serious about animal rights for years”, says MetaBloxx Vice President, Hilda Lunderstedt. “Although we care about all animals, we wanted to focus on wildlife charities… and of course the rabbits make a great mascot”.


MetaBloxx Inc. is a blockchain development company located in Austin, TX., focusing on Metaverse, cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens, and token economics. Ether Bunny will be the first product launch for MetaBloxx, which will be accompanied by a branded clothing line, virtual reality events and real-world gatherings in celebration of the brand and its charitable partnerships.